Nitrogen Generation

Compair Midigas

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With applications for nitrogen gas now proliferating in a number of industries such as food and beverages, chemicals and power generation, we offer a professional service for design and installation based on individual requirements and environments.

We install low maintenance, highly efficient systems with a range of capacities to match our customers’ process challenges.

Typical applications include:


  • Food Packaging Industry

The food industry uses nitrogen to eliminate residual oxygen in packaging, reducing the potential for bacterial growth and enhancing product quality and shelf life.

  • Nitrogen ‘Blanketing’

Where potentially dangerous chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, ‘blanketing’ with nitrogen can make an important contribution to personnel safety. This process promotes chemical integrity, controlling oxygen concentration and humidity and working to reduce the risk of contamination and changes to the chemical properties.

ACE systems generate nitrogen through compressed air at both low and high pressure.